2018 End of Summer Deals!

summer deals

Marine Propeller Works end of summer deals below for 2018 are listed below!  All end of summer deals end October 31st 2018, but always call to see if we continued a certain deal into the winter.

  1. 4 Blade aluminum props starting at $105, normal price is $160+
  2. Rebuilt stainless props as low as $200!
  3. Aluminum propeller pitch adjustments as low as $25
  4. Bronze propeller pitch adjustments as low as $75
  5. Fiberglass repairs $95 per hour
  6. Aluminum propeller repairs starting at $75
  7. Stainless propeller repair starting at $160
  8. Bronze propeller repair starting at $145
  9. Skeg repair starting at $125
  10. Prop shaft straightening starting at $150


And don’t forget our hourly rate of only $100 is a deal as is with custom fabrication and welding, plus we add finish coat to all props when finished.


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