Marine Propeller Works 2019 Winter Deals

Marine Propeller Works Winter deals are here for 2019!  Winter deals starting NOW through the end of January 2019. Do not wait until the weather warms up to purchase your new prop, or even to get your current prop and spare prop serviced! You never want to be dead in the water without a spare prop to keep your great time going. Come on in or give us a call to see how we can help you keep you out on the water.

  1. Rebuilt stainless props as low as $200!
  2. 4 Blade aluminum props starting at $105, normal price is $160+
  3. Aluminum propeller pitch adjustments as low as $25
  4. Bronze propeller pitch adjustments as low as $75
  5. Aluminum propeller repairs starting at $75
  6. Stainless propeller repair starting at $160
  7. Bronze propeller repair starting at $155
  8. Skeg repair starting at $185
  9. Prop shaft straightening starting at $150


And remember our hourly rate is only $110. We also have custom fabrication and welding specials going so give us a call or bring down your project so we can help you to get your winter projects rolling.


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