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Propeller Repair

Every PWC owner is aware of the type of bed that is under the water of their favorite boating spot. It is impossible to always avoid kicking up sand or rocks and that can damage your prop. But everyone tends to forget what could be lurking in the water itself. The most forgotten hazard for propellers is debris. There could be fishing lines or plant life that could get wrapped around the prop. Anything solid under the water could get struck by the propeller and cause additional damage. Then there is the water itself. Salt water or fresh, being submerged over time, water alone can cause deterioration.

Boat propeller repairYou should not operate your boat with a damaged propeller. Doing so will continue to cause more damages to the prop itself. This could ultimately damage the stem drive and parts inside the engine. If you notice acceleration loss, power loss, vibrations or if you are burning through your fuel too fast, get your boat out of the water and inspect the propeller.

As a part of preventive maintenance, you should check your propeller at least once a year, if not more often. Look to see if anything has been caught around the propeller shaft. Check for cracks on the blades and shaft. Then scrutinize the blades themselves. Look for any chips in the paint or discoloration on the blades. The easiest to see would be nicks and breaks along the edge of the blades. And the hardest to see would be if the blades are bent out of shape. But you must check and again, you should do so periodically.

Propeller pitch adjustmentRemember, your PWC is just like every other vehicle you own. It requires routine maintenance checks of the inside and out. If you notice poor performance or see any damage to your propeller, call us at 702-565-0627 For a list of prices Click here

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